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Professor Deych's NSF grant

“ Education is all a matter of building bridges. ”
- Ralph Ellison
Jul 12, '17
Professor Deych has received an NSF grant that will support his collaboration with Prof. Jie Xu of University of Illinois at Chicago, Professor Lan Yang of the Washington University at St. Luis, and Professor Tal Carmon of Technion, Israel. This is a collaborative interdisciplinary research based on synergetic combination of theoretical and experimental optics, microfludics, and optomechanics funded through a bilateral US-Israel funding mechanism (NSF-BSF program). The main objective of this research is to understand optical and optomechanical properties of novel type of optical structures built of liquid droplets and design new device concepts for applications of these structures in bio and chemical sensing, optical manipulation, lasing, radiative cooling and other areas.  ‚Äč