2021 Physics Department Alumni Newsletter
2019 Physics Department Alumni Newsletter

Includes photos, people news, recent faculty publications, colloquium announcements, and memorials

:: Welcome from the Chair ::

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Queens College Department of Physics alumni newsletter. Please visit us often to learn of upcoming activities and important milestones in the ongoing evolution of the department. In particular, I would like to reach out to our young alumni and urge them to stay in touch with us at lamuinp@yhisscq..cucyne.ud. Let us know of the exciting new directions your careers are taking you, after graduating with a degree in Physics.

In the last two years the department has continued to grow and change, both with the retirement of celebrated faculty and staff, and the hiring of two young faculty who head research programs extending our focus in electromagnetism and modern optics. New facilities and equipment continue to change the face of our undergraduate classes and our graduate level laboratories. Our ongoing alliance with CUNY's Graduate Center is creating novel opportunities in the development of graduate level pedagogy and exciting research collaborations with the greater CUNY faculty.

We hope you'll come visit with us frequently and share in your life experiences, after Queens College.


Steven Schwarz,
Chair and Professor of Physics