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“ The most important thing we can do is inspire young minds and to advance the kind of science, math and technology education that will help youngsters take us to the next phase of space travel. ”
- John Glenn
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Important information about textbooks for the following classes:
Physics 001.4, 121/122, 145/146 and 103
Astronomy 1 and 2

We are pleased to announce that our department has arranged a very deep discount on the Textbook and MasteringPhysics package for Physics 001.4, 121/122, 145/146, 103 and Astronomy 1 and 2. Queens College students can now purchase the following packages at the link below.

Note: Students can purchase a digital subscription to Mastering Physics/Astronomy, with the option that can include eText access as well, but not a printed copy of the textbook. This can be purchased from within the Mastering course set up by the instructor. Students can thereafter upgrade their eText subscription and purchase a printed copy of the textbook for an additional $44. However, students who would like the printed copy version of the textbook are strongly encouraged to purchase the textbook package detailed below as this is the most cost-effective package.

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Password:   welcome

PHYSICS 001.4:

Title: Conceptual Physics Package with Modified Mastering Physics for Queens College of CUNY
Author: Hewitt
Edition: 12
ISBN-13: 978-1-323-82852-6
Price: $75

PHYSICS 121/122:

Title: College Physics A La Carte with Modified MasteringPhysics Package for Queens College of CUNY
Author: Young , Adams, and Chastain
Edition: 10
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-386371-0
Price: $143

PHYSICS 145/146:

Title: University Physics with Modified Mastering Physics A La Carte Package for Queens College of CUNY
Author: Young and Freedman
Edition: 14
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-398362-3
Price: $143


Title: Essential University Physics with Modified MasteringPhysics Package for Queens College of CUNY
Author: Wolfson
Edition: 3
ISBN-13: 978-1-323-82857-1
Price: $75


Title: Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to The Universe Plus MasteringAstronomy with eText -- Access Card Package
Author: Eric Chaisson, and Steve McMillan
Edition: 8
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-424310-8
Price: $82