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  • Mr. Haojie Ji, a Ph.D. student, preparing a superconducting<br>magnet for magneto-photoluminescence experiments in<br>Prof. Kuskovsky's Laboratory for Fundamental and Applied<br>Nanoscale Physics (LaFANP)
  • Mr. Li Chen, a PhD doctoral student, with Professor Cadieu<br>peer into a vacuum system designed for the simultaneous<br>deposition of thin films by pulsed laser deposition and sputtering
  • The physics department aims to provide a welcoming environment for students at all levels to engage with physics in the classroom and research laboratory with a dedicated faculty at the cutting edge of photonics research. Students obtain a sound grounding in physics for a wide range of careers of their choice.
  • May 08 :
    Prof. Lisyansky has published the article entitled “Enhancement of the Raman effect by infrared pumping,” in Physical Review Letters.
  • Jan 29 :
    Matthieu Davy and Azriel Genack published the article "Selectively exciting quasi-normal modes in open disordered systems," in Nature Communications. 
  • Aug 06, '18:
    Yuhao Kang, Xiang Ni, Xiaojun Cheng, Alexander Khanikaev, and Azriel Genack, published the article entitled “Pseudospin-valley coupled edge states in a photonic topological insulator” in Nature Communications.
  • Jul 10, '18:
    Zhou Shi and Azriel Genack published the article "Diffusion in translucent media," in Nature Communications
  • Jun 19, '18:
    Work of Prof. So Takei was featured in the article “Super spins appear in carbon sheet” in Physics World magazine.
  • Apr 08, '18:
    Springer published a textbook on Quantum Mechanics authored by  Prof.  Lev Deych of Physics Department.