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“ Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do. ”
- Donald Knuth


Aug 06 :
Yuhao Kang, Xiang Ni, Xiaojun Cheng, Alexander Khanikaev, and Azriel Genack, published the article entitled “Pseudospin-valley coupled edge states in a photonic topological insulator” in Nature Communications.
Jul 10 :
Zhou Shi and Azriel Genack published the article "Diffusion in translucent media," in Nature Communications
Jun 19 :
Work of Prof. So Takei was featured in the article “Super spins appear in carbon sheet” in Physics World magazine.
Apr 08 :
Springer published a textbook on Quantum Mechanics authored by  Prof.  Lev Deych of Physics Department.
Sep 29, '17:
Professor Murokh received a contract from Capacitor Sciences, Inc (part of the Bolloré Group) to study organic molecules that can be used in capacitors with high energy density.
Jul 17, '17:
Prof. So Takei published an article entitled “Spin Superfluidity in the nu=0 Quantum Hall State of Graphene“ in Physical Review Letters.
Jul 17, '17:
In collaboration with researchers in the group of Mordechai Segev (Technion, Israel), Azriel Genack published an article in Science demonstrating the localization of light in a sample composed of layers 100 times thinner than the wavelength of light.
Jun 19, '17:
Prof. Benseman has published an article in Nature Scientific Reports demonstrating the manipulation of individual vortices in a superconducting film enabling novel high-speed low-power superconducting electronics
Jun 05, '17:
We welcome Dr. Euclides Almeida as a new faculty member in the Department of Physics at Queens College.