inflationary cosmology

(718) 997-3388, SB B320
B.A., Biomedical Engineering, The College of New Jersey, 2007
Ph.D, Physics, The University of Delaware, 2014
ASTR 001 - General Astronomy
PHYS 260 - Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYS 280 - Introduction to Cosmology
I teach astronomy, general physics, and cosmology at Queens College. I also work with undergraduate and graduate students to study the properties of the early universe. For more information about my teaching and research, please visit my website.

I am the Director of the Astronomy Program and the Director of Undergraduate Research at Queens College.

Information about astronomy at Queens College can also found on my website.

Information about undergraduate research at Queens College can be found at the homepage of the Office of Undergraduate Research
I study the very early universe. In particular, I focus on what was happening at about 10-32 second after the Big Bang. At around this time, most cosmologists think that the universe was expanding approximately exponentially. I build numerical models of this process, so as to help us better connect theory to next-generation cosmological observations. For more information about my research, please visit the homepage of our research group.
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