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Industrial Advisory Board

“ It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young. ”
- Konrad Lorenz

The Industrial Advisory Board, which includes representatives of companies of different sizes – from small start-ups to multinational corporations, is an integral part of Queens College Master’s in Photonics Program. Its role is to provide guidance in curriculum development and assist the Department with development educationally valuable internship program. All board members are enthusiastic supporters of our efforts in preparing new generation of industry professionals. 

"Soon, chip-to-chip interconnect via light will become commonplace. It is essential that we train a workforce that can drive this photonics revolution. Queens College is playing a major role in this revolution with its Professional Science Masters Degree program in Photonics".

- Dr. James Wynne, the receipent of 2013 National Medal of Technology, the board member representing IBM 

Presently, the Industrial Advisory Board includes representative of following companies (in the alphabetical order)

  • Amplification Technologies (Dr. Ben-Michael, Chief technology Officer)
  • Brookhaven Instruments (Dr. V. Kuzminsky, R&D supervisor)
  • Center for Advanced Technology of CUNY (Dr. Wayne Seemungal, Director of Business Development)
  • Chiral Photonics (V. Kopp, Chief Scientist)
  • DDC Technology (Dr. D. Donskoy, President)
  • IBM Watson Research Center (Dr. J. J. Wynne, Program Manager)
  • Infra-Otica (Mr. F. Erisman, Sales manager)
  • Lockheed Martin (Mr. V. Benishcek, Senior Engineer)
  • New York Hall of Science (Dr. Uzzo, Vice President for Science and Technology)
  • Photonics Industries (Dr. J. Kilmer, Director of Marketing)
  • Spectrum Thin Films (Dr. Pirera, President)
  • Veeco Instruments (Dr. Devasahayam, Sr. Director of Technology)
  • Verizon (Dr. G. Wellbrock, Director - Optical Technology)
  • US Navy,  Program Management Office, Strategic Systems Programs Shipboard Systems Detachment (Dr. M. Tai, Technical Director)