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Photonics in the Marketplace
"Preparing your students for corporate jobs will benefit both them and their prospective employers.  Building business acumen and operational capabilities in technical talent will make them highly marketable candidates for jobs!"

- Carrie Kochek, Director of Human Resources Business Partner at Verizon
The MS in Photonics is designed to satisfy all requirements for PSM affiliation. Our curriculum comprises physics courses, technology courses, business courses, and internships. Through this multidisciplinary program, students develop the fundamental knowledge and specialized skills required for jobs in high-tech industries. 

The total number of credits required to complete the program is 43. 
The following courses are required of all candidates for the MS in Photonics.
1. PHYS 626 Applied Quantum Mechanics*  4 hr.; 4 cr.  Help icon
2. PHYS 616 Applied Electrodynamics  4 hr.; 4 cr. Help icon
3. PHYS 637 Modern Optics  4 hr.; 4 cr. Help icon
4. PHYS 672 Photonics Laboratory  4 hr.; 2 cr. Help icon
5. PHYS 661 Computational Methods in Physics  4 hr.; 4 cr.  Help icon
6. PHYS 621 Optoelectronics  3 hr.; 3 cr.  Help icon
7. PHYS 646 Physics of Semiconductors  4 hr.; 4 cr.  Help icon
8. PHYS 620 Research and Writing in Physical Disciplines  3 hr.; 3 cr. Help icon
9. PHYS 699 Introduction to Management of Scientific and Engineering Projects  3 hr.; 3 cr.
 Total required credits: 31
 *Students with sufficient undergraduate background in quantum mechanics can test out of this course and instead take one of the elective courses bearing the same (4) number of credits. The proficiency exam in Quantum Mechanics will be given during the week before the start of the fall semester. The exact date and place of the exam will be posted on the website of the department.

Students must select one of the elective laboratory courses:
PHYS 671 Modern Physics Laboratory  4 hr.; 2 cr. Help icon
PHYS 673 Microwave instrumentation laboratory  4 hr.; 2 cr.  Help icon
PHYS 771, 772,773 Graduate Laboratory  (2 credits each, up to 6 credits) Help icon
Minimum number of elective laboratory credits 2 

MS in Photonics candidates must select one of the elective technology courses:
PHYS 675 Intro to Nano and Microfabrication  4 hr.; 4 cr. Help icon
PHYS 676 Foundation of Growth Techniques  4 hr.; 4 cr. Help icon
PHYS 623 Principles of Telecommunications  4 hr. ; 4 cr. Help icon
PHYS 622 Physics of lasers   4 hr.; 4 cr. Help icon
 Minimum number of technology credits 4

Internship requirements
Candidates for MS in Photonics who do not have a prior or current experience in relevant industries must take at least one industrial internship course for a minimum of 2 credits.
Candidates who do have relevant industrial experience might substitute industrial internship for a different elective laboratory course.
The relevance of the work experience is determined by the department.   
Minimum number of internship credits 2
Final Project
Candidates for MS in Photonics must complete and defend a final project, which can be done working individually or in groups up to 3 students by registering in their final semester for the  PHYS 798 Thesis course bearing 4 credits.

The suggested sequence of courses, which would take a student toward successful graduation in two years can be found here